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Mrs. Lorraine Watkins

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Phone Number: 803-548-9414

Mrs. Laurie Gunder

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Phone Number: 803-548-9414

Nurse Reminders

DHEC School Exclusion List 

If you are unsure, please keep them home and email me at

If your student has a fever:

If your student has vomiting or diarrhea:

COVID Information

DHEC Guidance

Below is the 23-24 DHEC Guidance for staff/students who test positive with COVID.

Exclude individuals with a positive viral test.

Criteria for return:

Documentation for Return -parent

At least 5 days after the start of symptoms and parent's note that symptoms are significantly improving and there has been no fever in the past 24 hours without using fever reducing medication.

Recent Update to DHEC exclusion for Covid:

Close contacts in the home can attend school as long as they are not experiencing symptoms.  Masking is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.  Testing is recommended 5 days after the positive individual's isolation ends.

We do accept at-home-tests/over-the-counter tests.  The parent should complete the Attestation Form.

Thank you

Nurse Watkins

DHEC School and Childcare Exclusion List