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Nurse Reminders

Students should not report to school if they have symptoms of COVID such as fever, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath; or, loss of taste or smell, OR have tested positive.  If your child is home sick with COVID symptoms, and/or they go to the doctor and are going to get COVID tested, you should also email our school nurse, Nurse Watkins.

We DO accept home COVID test results.  Please see the New Assestation Form for At-Home COVID-19 Test below.  

COVID Information

Letter from Nurse Lever with Prevention Strategies

August 8, 2022 

Dear Parent/Guardian: 

DHEC has revised its COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and updated the SC DHEC Exclusion List. Isolation requirements for those who test positive with COVID-19 remain unchanged. Isolation is required for all individuals who test positive with COVID-19. Schools must ensure that students and staff stay home or go home if:  

* They are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, until they meet criteria for return OR  

* They have tested positive for COVID-19, until they meet criteria for return. 

Students and staff who test positive for COVID must isolate for a minimum of 5 days. They may return to academic settings after 5 days of isolation, as long as they have been fever-free for 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication and symptoms have significantly improved and a mask is worn through day 10. If a mask is not worn, a 10-day isolation must be completed. 

Close contacts must be identified when 5 or more people in a classroom, on a sports team or in other groups test positive with COVID-19 or have been sent home or are absent because they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, within 72 hours of each other. In these instances, when 5 or more people in a group are positive or symptomatic, quarantine is required for close contacts, with the following two exceptions:  

* Individuals who are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination and do not have symptoms do NOT need to quarantine after a close contact.  

* People who have tested positive (PCR or antigen test) for COVID-19 within the past 90 days and recovered and do not have symptoms - 

do NOT need to quarantine after a close contact.

** These individuals must wear a mask for 10 days unless eating or drinking or more than six feet from anyone else when outdoors. 

** DHEC recommends testing five (5) days after last contact with the positive individual. 

Continue to monitor your child for any of the following with or without fever:  

* Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing –or -  

* New loss of taste or smell -or-  

* New or worsening cough 

Additional possible symptoms of COVID-19 include persistent or worsening sore throat, muscle or body aches, fatigue, new onset of severe headache, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea. Although not requiring COVID-19 exclusion, testing may be recommended for students or staff presenting with these symptoms. 

Please contact your child’s school nurse with questions or concerns. 

Guidance for COVID-19 Outbreaks in Schools & Childcare Centers, 2022-2023 

DHEC School and Childcare Exclusion List 

Please contact your child’s school nurse with questions or concerns. 

Leigh Lever, RN

LCSD Lead Nurse 

Copy of Attestation-Form-for-At-Home-COVID-19-Test-2022-01-09.pdf


DHEC School Exclusion List 2022- 2023

Link with lists of illnesses for which a child must be kept out of school or childcare. It tells you if your child needs a doctor’s note or medical treatment to come back to school or childcare after certain illnesses.     English     Spanish

CDC Common Cold vs. Flu 

CVS link for Vaccines 


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