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ILE Boosterthon Information

posted Mar 6, 2018, 9:46 AM by iles webmaster   [ updated Mar 6, 2018, 9:46 AM ]

Hey ILE (and future Van Wyck Elem.) Families!

As the ILE Boosterthon event approaches, the PTO needs you to help us pull off this awesomely fun school fundraising event! 

You can see the tons of volunteer spots and detailed options of how you can volunteer and you can sign up on the link listed below!  Go ahead, click the link, get signed up to reserve your spot now! 


The PTO uses our Boosterthon fundraiser to teach our kids about the values of raising money for the good of the students and the good of the school.  In the past, our ILE PTO has used the Boosterthon money to replace and improve playgrounds, purchase ipads and macbooks for different grade levels, purchase Lucy Caulkins teaching materials for different grade levels, purchase Mathseeds & Reading Eggs & Razkids for all grade levels, purchase & install the Gagapitts, purchase special seating for classrooms, provide our teachers with meals on teacher conference days and with a cake on their birthday, and to show appreciation to our office staff, bus drivers and to our custodial staff, and much more!  All of your donations are used for a great cause and are used and truly appreciated by the kids, teachers and staff at ILE! 

DADS!!!!  Just think how much laughter you would induce if you were dressed as a prize fairy to deliver prizes daily to the kiddos!!!  The kids would LOVE you!!!!  It’s lots of fun to be a prize fairy and the more the merrier, come on out and join us!!!

YAY Boosterthon Volunteers!!!  I can’t wait to have you helping me and I look forward to the fun we are going to have together! 

All my very best,

Kerry Peddle
PTO Volunteer Coordinator

P.S. If you are more of an introvert and want to do some behind the scenes volunteering, you can contact me directly via email at kerrylew@ilepto.com and I will ask you to help out with some crafty posters or cutting or updating some of the bulletin boards at the school and I’ll give you the details about how quiet and chill the money collection and data entry days are and then you can consider volunteering for those services.  We like all personality types on the PTO and we welcome you to help out too!